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Big Bore Kits Starting at just $1,149.00

AMS Hi-Performance Ported Cylinder Heads for TWIN CAM engines.


Our heads are thoroughly cleaned and inspected, then machined to exacting specs. We form the valve seats with a state-of-the-art Newen CNC Countour machine to our unique multi-angle shape. Combined with our specially machined valves the multi-angled seats perform with maximum efficiency and reliability. Our heads are 5-AXIS CNC on a Centoid VMC,and/or custom hand ported and flow tested to enhance both torque and power in the valve lift and rpm ranges most commonly suited for use with the best performing street cams. We also coat the exhaust ports with a ceramic-metallic thermal barrier to reduce both head and oil temps, as well as enhance the exhaust gas flow velocity. Finally, our heads are assembled with hi-temp resistant Viton stem seals, valve seating pressure is tested, and valve closure/sealing is vacuum tested. We strive to deliver the highest quality heads in the industry - and back them up with our "No Hassle 12 month Warranty". Sold as a set for as low as $649 exchange or if you prefer to keep and use your bike's original heads, we can perform our "magic" on them in about 5 days for the same price. 

For more info on Stage I, II, or III heads, call us at 817-335-9331 or Email us

AMS Hi-Performance 96", 105" and 107" Big Bore Piston and Cylinder Kits.


The 96" kits fit 1999-2006 TWIN CAM engines with stock 4" strokes.

The 105" kits fit 2007 and later engines, as well as older engines with a 4-3/8" stroke.

The 107" kits fit 2007 and later engines.

Our big bore cylinders are bored and honed using JIMS torque plates to ensure a "round" bore. Unlike many shops that simply hone them out, our cylinders are precision bored using either a Kwik-Way air-centered boring machine or our new 5 axis CNC milling machine. We take the time to bore them in three stages to reduce both heat and micro-fracturing of the metal. The cylinders are then honed, using a three stage process to reduce heat and produce round, precisely dimensioned bore. We also put a plateau honed finish on them to help reduce break-in time. Each cylinder is bored to match the piston to be used, giving our Big Bores a custom fit for maximum performance. Our Big Bore Kits use "high quality, precision made" KB Pistons and Hastings piston rings or specially designed, lightweight, offset pin Forged pistons. KB's hypereutectic alloy is stronger and lighter than the factory's cast aluminum pistons, reflects heat much better - keeping the heat energy in the combustion chamber where it can be used for power instead of raising the engine oil temp. And the Forged 2618 alloy pistons provide much needed strength for the longer stroke models, with reduced piston slap for a quieter and longer lasting engine. Being lighter means they can rev higher and accelerate faster, with less stress on the crank and rods than stock pistons. The AMS Big Bore Kit comes complete with two cylinders, two custom matched pistons with rings, precision hardened wrist pins and lock clips.

Throw in our 12 month no hassle warranty and excellent customer service and you get a whole bunch of Bang for your Buck!

(96BB)    Big Bore Piston and Cylinder Kit $400.00  Exch.
(105BB)  Big Bore Piston and Cylinder Kit $480.00  Exch.
(107BB)  Big Bore Piston and Cylinder Kit $579.00  Exch.

Click here for installation instructions

For more info, please call us at 817-335-9331 or Email us

Cams and Gasket kits


We also offer Cometic and CYCO Gaskets, K&N filters, D&D EXHAUST Systems, AMS-HYLIFT Lifters and Adjustable Pushrods, ANDREWS Cams, AV&V VALVES and Guides, S&S cams, gears, and other brand name parts for your Harley-Davidson at discount prices.

Please call us at 817-335-9331 or Email us for a quote before you make your next parts purchase - we will try to meet or beat the competition's prices.

AMS Johnson-Hylift Lifters for all Twin Cam Harley engines

lifters1  Lift2

From 1999 - 2001, Johnson-Hylift supplied lifters to Harley-Davidson... Johnson-Hylift designed and produced a special piston and valve body to work across the temp ranges and varying oil psi typically encountered on a Harley engine. Since 2001, in a cost-savings move, HD has used Delphi hydraulic lifters, which explains Harley's p/n change from 18538-99 to 18538-99A, and after some problems, a second Delphi lifter was used, p/n 18538-99B. However, Delphi still did not use a 0.655" hi-volume / hi-pressure plunger and valve body like those specifically designed for Harley by Johnson-Hylift. After some research AMS learned Delphi 18538-99B lifters bleed down rather quickly due to the higher engine temps and heavy valve spring pressure found on most Harley Twin Cam's.  The oil reservoir inside the lifter is too small, allowing the lifter to clatter, and likely causes many Twin-Cam bikes to be noisy. Note: ALL lifters bleed off during operation and even more-so when the bikes sits, engine off.
Tom at AMS has known Chet Starron, who owns Johnson-Hylift, for many years. Chet put Tom in touch with the original engineer of the earlier HD 18538-99 lifters, which don't seem to be as noisy as those made by Delphi. Working with Hylift's engineering staff, AMS modified a Johnson-Hylift lifter, to accept a very precise check valve, a larger plunger that allows more oil reservoir volume, and a ball seat that fits much tighter, yet has an oil feed groove to allow more upper rocker box oiling. The result was a significantly improved lifter, with a much bigger internal oil reservoir that will keep the lifter/pushrod from bleeding too much and bottoming out. The bigger reservoir maintains a cushion of oil inside. The improved ball seat ensures better top-end rocker oiling and better pushrod tip fit.... all of which makes for a quieter lifter.

AMS and Hylift have continued to develop this lifter, and today, we offer 3 versions of the AMS-Hylift lifter for Harley Twin Cam applications:

AMS A2313S Direct replacement for stock lifter. For stock and performance street bikes. $29.95 each

AMS A2313SE  for stock and performance street bikes. This is our newest and best lifter, with "Direct shot" oiling to the roller. Only  $31.95 each

AMS A2313R  for all out, hi-rev, hi-lift racing applications. $31.95 each

AMS A2313S2 this is a 0.002" oversized version of the AMS2313S, for use in cases with worn lifter bores. $31.95 each
We also have lifters for EVO applications - call for details. 817-335-9331 or Email us
We recommend using AMS-Adjustable Pushrods, or stock non-adjustable pushrods with them... however other brand adjustable pushrods will work too. We provide very detailed installation & pushrod adjustment info, so even a first time DIYer can easily install AMS lifters with confidences.

There are many other things that can cause "lifter" noise - it can be something as easy to fix as excessive rocker arm end play. In which case our AMS Spring Steel Rocker Shims will solve the problem!  ...or the cause of the noises can be from more serious issues, like coil bind, rocker to spring cap interference, spring cap to stems / guide length interference, poor oiling, high lift cam profile causing lift, overheating motor, wrong oil viscosity for ambient temperatures, aerated oil, low oil pressure, gear drive backlash, worn drive chains, defective piston oil cooling jets, etc. However if you're convinced you've eliminate all of these things, and the lifters still rattle, then the next step is to install a set of AMS-Hylift Lifters. With their larger oil reservoirs, they will usually lessen or eliminate the noise.

Click here for installation instructions

For more info give us a call at 817-335-9331 or Email us

AMS is a discount dealer for D&D Exhaust, the company known for no compromise when it comes to style and performance.

436 32B

D&D's 2 into 1 Fat Cat stepped header design combines just the right amount of flow and back pressure to make your FLH & FLT come alive. When installed with your AMS Hi-Torque Pork 96", 105",  107" Big Bore Cylinder and CNC Ported Head package it will mean no more downshifting  - just roll back the throttle and hang on!

All systems come with heat shields and baffles.

As an example:
Save $175 off the Boss Fat Cat 2:1 for  2009 - 2016 FLH / FLT models (p/n 556Z-32B), when purchased as part of our Big Bore Engine Kit.*

*All other D&D exhaust systems are available at huge savings when purchased as part of one of our Engine Parts Kits, including Big Bore Jug Kits,  CNC Ported Head Kits, Cam Kits, or AMS-HyLift Lifter Kits ... Heck we even offer a super special low price on our AMS T-shirt & D&D Exhaust Package.

Call us for current pricing @ 817-335-9331 or Email us  and save yourself some $$$'s on a high quality D&D exhaust system.

Our Compensator Bolt Lock ensures your 2007 and later* Harley's compensator bolt stays torqued!

Highly recommended for high performance motors. The Comp Bolt Lock Kit includes lock plate and two socket head capscrews.  For SE comp kit p/n 40724-08A it also includes two spacers for the socket head screws (not shown).

You are requided to drill and tap two holes in your retainer (p/n 37810-08B). Or send it to us and we will drill and tap for you for an add'l $10. Kit p/n LPK08A only $19.95  * fits models with 13/16" hex bolt.



08B COMP4      

Replace your worn TourPack docking bushings with AMS Stainless Steel Docking Bushings

AMS Stainless Steel replacement docking bushings last much longer, ride much more securely and quietly than the plastic lined HD bushings or soft aluminum replacements. Made from  Stainless Steel, these bushings let your TourPak or back rest dock securely, without rattling and shifting in place.

Call 817-335-9331 and order yours today!


Front Bushing with narrow groove p/n BR549 $15 each.  


Rear Bushing with wide groove p/n BR509 $20 each.

Tombstone Tail Lamp Mount for Harley Springer


AMS now makes a billet 6061 aluminum tail lamp mount to replace the weaker original plastic mount found on many 97-03 Softails. The plastic mounts, which crack / break quite often, are not sold separately; so one must buy an expensive tail lamp assembly every time the plastic mount breaks. Some owners report they are on their 2nd & 3rd lamp within two years time.  Worse yet, should the plastic mount fail completely, your entire tail lamp assembly will be left dangling by the wiring! The AMS billet mount eliminates that worry, as well as the aggravation and expense of replacing a broken plastic mount every 6-12 months. 

AMS-GM1 Aluminum Billet Mount  vs.   HD Cracked Plastic Mount
AMS-GM1 mount shown with lamp installed.

AMS-GM1 shown installed in HD Tombstone Housing.

tl45 cropped
AMS-GM1 billet 6061 Aluminum Tombstone Tail Lamp Mount

Only $159.00

With these billet mounts, you no longer have to worry about the factory's plastic mount breaking and possibly ruining the paint on your bike's fender... fix it once, and enjoy the ride :-)

NOTE - The pics presented were taken with the prototype piece. Production pieces will appear slightly different, as they were modified to make installation even easier.


1997-1999 Evo

2000-2003 TwinCam

Call 817-335-9331 and order yours today!

Hi-Torque Pork©   T-Shirts  only $7.95 !!!

shirts 002  Artwork

shirts 001  SHIRTFRONT 002

Get yours for only $7.95 when you mention this website. Call 817-335-9331 and order yours today!

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