Machine Shop


After Centroid3
Shop Manager and Master Machinist, Eric, porting a batch of Harley Twin Cam heads on our 5-Axis CNC Machining Center. See more


Custom brass and aluminum Harley V-Twin air intake we machined for Jeff Hudson's beautiful black chopper.  See more


57 yhsg
We designed and machined this chain drive housing to replace the shaft drive unit on a Yamaha XS1100 chopper. We began with a  7" diameter solid billet of 6061-T6 Aluminum ... see more

AMS R2 guard2
Custom chain sprocket cover we made for Yamaha WR250R


We machined this custom front brake caliper for a local custom bike builder. He drew us a sketch on a napkin, and we took it from there...did the mechanical engineering calculations to make sure it was a safe, roadworthy design; then machined it from billet aluminum.


Our Newen BB Contour - CNC valve seat cutting machine allows us to program seat profiles that ordinary valve seat cutters or grinders cannot cut...with this ability we can cut seats and port throats that greatly enhances flow and performance. with this machine, every seat is cut to the same exacting shape & profile, so all cylinders perform equally well. Learn more about our performance valve jobs here


eric heads
Eric does a Quality Control check on several Harley heads before assembly.

new manual lathe
A few of our CNC lathes and mills, as well as one of many manual lathes.

Tom is using one of our manual lathes to make a custom axle and bearing spacers.


Close up: Milling one of our aluminum billet Tombstone Tail Lamps To see more pics on making the mount, click here.


Partial overview of our shop: The bench on the left / foreground is equipped and tooled specifically for broken / stripped stud and bolt repairs, helicoils, time-serts, etc. Directly beyond it, the green machine, is an air-float Kwik-Way 5-Axis Head Shop guide and seat machine. We use it to accurately machine heads for compression release valves. Just beyond it, though hard to see, is our EDM machine used for very difficult thread repairs, such as the historic P-51 Mustang prop hubs we recently fixed. On the right side of the aisle, the blue machine is our T&S 3000 CBN head and block mill, which is used to machine a true and proper gasket surface on heads and blocks. Beyond the partion wall, Eric is assembling some motorcycle heads, prior to vacuum testing them for quality assurance.


Balancing a crankshaft and flywheel assembly. We have digital balancing machines for both dynamic and static balancing.


Drilling larger oil passages in an engine case.


Welding and  heat treating area. We perform Sheilded-arc, MIG, TIG (aka Heli-Arc), oxy-Acet, and braze welding of steel, stainless, aluminum, and magnesium alloys. AMS also has a small aluminum foundry for casting restoration, or custom parts. We are able to heat treat & stress relieve parts, as well as apply ceramic and other high performance engine coatings.


Our Crankshaft grinding area. We're capable of grinding cranks as small as a 1 cylinder motorcyle to a 12 cyl diesel. We also have surface, platen, and cylindrical grinders; belt grinders and micro-polishers.

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