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These items fit the popular WR250R/X models. We also offer custom  CNC billet parts and accessories for other Yamaha and Star motorcycles. 

WR250R/X Triangle Rack


triangle rack2

P/N: WRTR $79.95

Includes 4 mounting spacers.  Measures approx 9" X 12". Now drilled for Roto-Pax mount!!!

WR250R/X Big Rack

Wrbr rack2

Our newest and largest rack, the "Big Rack" is also drilled and tapped to accept one of the popular GIVI MonoKey cases, as well as the Roto-Pax mount. The Roto-Pax mount can be mounted in either a fore-aft or left-right position.

P/N: WRBR $109.95

Includes 4 mounting spacers. Measures approx 12" X 13".

All the rear luggage racks are CNC machined from 6061 heat treated aluminum and feature a natural matte finish, and come with 4 aluminum mounting spacers. Mounting bolts are not included. Stainless bolts are available at

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